Prosthodontics is a unique branch of dentistry that deals particularly with dental restorations. Prosthodontists are involved in the fabrication and bonding of various dental prostheses such as implants, bridges, crowns, veneers, etc. This branch of dentistry requires high proficiency as creating dental prosthetics that are visually and functionally similar to the natural teeth is very important to restore a beautiful smile.

Importance of prosthodontics

Prosthodontics involves the fabrication of tooth restorations that are mainly intended to restore a person's smile. With the help of such restorations, patients who have teeth that are chipped, broken, worn out, badly discolored, entirely extracted, etc., can get them restored to their ideal appearance. This can massively boost their approach and help them interact with people with more confidence. Also, most dental prostheses improve the mouth's functionality and allow one to bite and chew food effectively.

What oral conditions can prosthodontists treat?

Missing teeth: Missing teeth is a massive letdown. It can attract all the unwanted attention and also lead to frequent embarrassment. We can save you from this by offering tooth restorations such as dental implants and bridges. If you have lost multiple teeth, we can go ahead with fabricating customized dentures for you.

Chipped or cracked teeth: Teeth that are naturally out of shape, cracked, or chipped due to oral trauma can be brought back to their natural shape using dental crowns.

Gaps between adjacent teeth: The aesthetics of one's smile would be displeasing when gaps exist between adjacent teeth. They can be eliminated by bonding veneers to the frontal surface of the teeth.

Worn out teeth:When the cusp of teeth get worn out, they can affect the individual's biting and chewing ability. Hence, it is best to get them restored using crowns or onlays.

The restorations that we provide will be made from high quality, dental-grade ceramic material. They can be personalized to mimic the appearance of the natural teeth perfectly, thereby avoiding easy detection.

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