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Here at Rebecca Jordan Family Dentistry, we are a family-focused practice that promotes whole-body, holistic health and wellness. We feel fortunate to be able to provide care to our community in Delaware, Ohio and our surrounding neighbors.

Dr. Jordan provides innovative techniques with leading-edge equipment, while ensuring a caring and relaxed environment. She specializes in the treatment of tongue and lip tie revisions, as well as prosthodontic, cosmetic, restorative and preventive dental services. Dr. Jordan provides these dental services while focusing on proper growth and development in order to promote happy smiles and healthy bodies for all ages!

We would love to welcome you and your family to our dental practice and look forward to speaking with you soon



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Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry
Dentistry focuses on many aspects related to the mouth, among which restorative and cosmetic dentistry are prominent ones. Restorative dentistry deals with fabricating ceramic restor...
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SMART Removal
SMART is an advanced method of removing amalgam fillings from the teeth. It stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique. Developed by IAOMT, this technique reduces the patient’...
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Cold Laser
Cold laser therapy essentially uses a low-intensity laser source to stimulate the healing of the body’s tissues. It is called a cold laser as the low levels of light do not produce e...
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General Dentistry
Some dentists may be specialized in a particular branch, such as endodontics, orthodontics, pediatrics, etc., while some others offer treatments for all common dental concerns. Such ...
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Implant Restoration
Have you lost your natural tooth due to concerns such as cavities, gum diseases, or external trauma to the mouth? Losing a tooth can be quite disadvantageous in terms of oral functio...
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ALF Appliance Therapy
ALF or advanced Lightwire Functionals is an orthodontic treatment method that doesn’t involve the use of dental braces or other aligners. ALF is a non-conventional method that utiliz...
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Tongue and Lip Tie Revisions
A tethered oral tissue or tongue-tie is an oral condition where the tongue is tethered to the floor of the mouth by a membrane of extra tissues. This restricts the full movement of t...
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Prosthodontics is a unique branch of dentistry that deals particularly with dental restorations. Prosthodontists are involved in the fabrication and bonding of various dental prosthe...
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What our patients are saying...

"5 stars"

"Rebecca has a talent for putting patients at ease, including even her youngest. She has an amazing rapport with kids. You can tell she loves what she does."

"Brought my baby to have a lip tie revised, and she diagnosed a tongue and buccal tie as well. Rebecca is so passionate about families and wellbeing, she was so knowledgeable and had tons of recommendations for me already typed up. The fact that a lactation consultant was in the building for after..."

"Dr Jordan is helping my son's oral crowding with the ALF device. We've seen significant improvement in the 9 months since starting. He will avoid having to have teeth pulled for braces as I had to and still suffer the consequences. I wish I had this as a kid!"

"My husband and I are once again AMAZED by Doctor Jordans care for our son. We drove almost 3 hours almost 2 years ago when he was born to get his lip/tongue ties revised. She was so gentle with our tiny 2 week old. we went again today to get a second opinion after seeing someome closer to home wh..."

"We absolutely love Rebecca Jordan Family Dentistry! They truly provide exceptional care while also making you feel like family."

"Super friendly staff and the doc was awesome! Both my sons had a great experience!"

"I have an extreme phobia with the dentist. Rebecca and her team are amazing so glad she was referred to my by my dad I will never go anywhere else they are extremely professional and have the best bedside manor. If you are looking for a dentist stop this is the place to go."

"Karsyn got to see Dr Jordan today and she showed me exactly what I thought to be true. Karsyn had a a lip tie and a severe tongue tie. She has been evaluated by two doctors and a speech therapist. Not one of them thought she had an issue. Her speech was altered and as a baby she was severely coli..."

"Dr. Jordan and staff are so supportive and informative. We have had tongue and lip revisions for my children and myself. We just decided to have all of our dentistry done here too! We drive almost 2 hours to see them! They continue their education and are constantly moving forward in the industry!!"

"We are so thankful we were referred to Dr. Jordan for our daughter's lip and tongue tie. Our daughter was struggling with eating solid foods. We took her to our local pediatric dentist who diagnosed her with a lip and tongue tie and suggested we take her to Dr. Jordan for a revision. Dr. Jordan ..."

"Wonderful! Thank you!"

"My daughter 6 week old baby boy was diagnosed with lip and tongue tie. Dr Jordan came highly recommended from her pediatrician along with several others. The assistance was very welcoming and made us feel comfortable and was very friendly. We were the only ones there as this was during the q..."

"Dr. Jordan is amazing! I starting seeing her this January and she definitely wants to make sure everything is right and your happy! And the staff there is very friendly as well!"

"Dr. Jordan is wonderful! I had to head to work while my daughter was in the middle of getting her tooth pulled. Dad stayed with her and my daughter did great but I was a crying mess and Dr. Jordan took a moment to give me a hug from one mom to another mom. It was incredibly uplifting. THANK YOU D..."

"A trustworthy resource when we found out our son had a tie."

"My 4 week old son had a tongue and lip tie procedure done with Dr. Jordan this week and I would highly recommend her to anyone! The process went very smoothly and Dr. Jordan was great at explaining everything and making me feel comfortable and prepared for after procedure care."

"Everyone is so thoughtful and understanding and they really care about the patients. We had a referral for a specialist and were having a hard time getting in... one of the hygienists personally called and got us worked in. Dr Jordan goes above and beyond like no doctor I have ever known."

"I love going to the dentists at Dr. Jordan's. Lakota is the best hygienist ever. She is very gentle and very thorough."

"Since I began using Rebecca Jordan Family Dentistry in 2017 I have had a great experience. The staff is very friendly and welcoming every time I go in. I would definatly recommend Rebecca Jordan for anyone needing Family Dentistry"

"I had suspected that our daughter (7 months old) had a tongue and lip tie and found good reviews of Dr. Jordan so we chose her. I am so glad we did because she is amazing!! She explains things in a way anyone can understand and is very caring. Just wish she was closer to where we lived so we coul..."

"Made me feel at ease immediately. By the time I left I felt like part of the family. Thank you all so much"

"First visit went very well. I haven't seen a dentist in 2 years due to the anxieties of going to see one. At my previous dentist I remembered long waits in the lobby, in the chair, and between technician and doctor communications. When I arrived I was promptly checked in--and before this proce..."

"What a great experience we had with Dr. Jordan!! Really informative and so very nice! Thank you!!"

"Dr. Jordan, her assistants, and the staff went above in beyond to make sure my 5 year old was 100% comfortable with every step of her dental check-up! They did such a wonderful job explaining everything in a way she could understand. Thank you!"

"Dr. Jordan and here staff are great. Professional and entertaining to boot."

"Just amazing staff and doctor. They make you feel like you’ve been a patient of theirs since the beginning even on your first visit. They made my babes tongue and lip tie revision as easy and comfortable as possible for both me and him. I would absolutely drive more than 2 hours again to see her ..."

"Just had my one month old’s lip and tongue tie released yesterday. This practice is amazing and I felt SO at ease with Dr. Jordan and her staff! They were so knowledgeable and patient and made sure I felt 100% comfortable. They took excellent care of my son! Highly recommend."

"Very gentle, approachable and genuine! The staff is so nice and considerate!"

"Both of our boys had their lip tie and tongue tie corrected here. The procedure was lightening fast, and recovery went well. We received so much insight, and we felt very comfortable and confident in the care of all the employees. Our kiddos got done 2 years apart, our oldest at age 3 in 2017 and..."

"She took such good care of our 7 week old. I was so nervous to have her lip and tongue tie lasered off but she explained everything so well. I’ll recommend her to everyone! I wish I was close because I would use her as my dentist, North Carolina is too far away"

"Dr. Jordan and her team always take such good care of my family and me. They take the time to get to know you, talk to you about your overall health, and look for ways to solve whatever dental concerns you have."

"She is AWESOME! She uses up-to-date technology and practices. She is gentle with our little girls and her staff is AMAZING, as well!! Dr. Jordan is straight forward and very knowledgeable. She is innovative and isn’t afraid to try new things. I recommend her to anyone of all ages!"

"Went to see my dental hygienist and dentist today. They are such nice people. I highly recommend Dr. Jordan and Nicona. They are both top notch!"

"Favorite dentist I have ever have. No need to have fears of going to the dentist here. I would follow her anywhere and drive a good distance to see her now. Highly recommend"

"My family have been seeing Dr. Jordan for years. Kind, friendly service, and truly caring. She has been so very nice during visits. I don’t like injections of numbing medicine, she is okay with this request. I’ve had other dentists try to convince me to get it, even though I am clear that I’m no..."

"We were there yesterday for a procedure for my daughters tongue and lip tie. The staff and Dr. Jordan are very friendly and down to Earth! They were great and explained everything in terms you could understand! One nurse and Dr.Jordan hugged me to comfort me while I was crying because of course n..."

"The office of Rebecca Jordan Family Denistry has exceeded my expectations! I have went through extensive restorative work & the office has always been accommodating, warm & friendly. I cannot thank the entire staff enough for their experience, knowledge and above all else...their caring personali..."

"Dr. Jordan is awesome at what she does. She is personable and welcoming and her staff are all the same. Super competent and informative. The overall experience is great!"

"They’re fantastic! Nice, easy to talk to, explain everything. Much like everyone else I’ve NEVER looked forward to a dentist appointment, until now, can’t wait to go back!"

"Dr. Jordan is always happy and helpful, as well as her staff. Very modern setting in her new facility."

"She was very nice and friendly, and so was her dental assistant! They actually all were!"

"We knew our son had a lip tie that we were going to wait to repair as he was nursing and gaining weight. However, he continued to get more fussy and after some research thought it could be his lip tie. We were recommended Dr. Jordan and we’re so happy we went to her!! Her entire staff made me fee..."

"My first visit today. I have very sensitive teeth, and have had bad experiences with other practices. THIS PLACE ROCKS! Everyone, from the greeters to the hygienist, to the insurance guru and Dr. Jordan, is fantastic. Highly recommend!"

"We had our 15 Month old in a week ago for tounge and lip ties, and we were very impressed with the staff atmosphere and and the down to earth yet professional care! They made it so easy!"

"Had a broken tooth and Rebecca got me right in within an hour and fixed the tooth. Feels so much better! Great Job Rebecca"

"Dr. Jordan and her staff did a wonderful job at assessing and removing our one week olds tongue and lip tie. The procedure was quick and easy on the baby (took about one minute), and the kindness of the staff put this newly postpartum mom at ease. Glad we did not hesitate to take care of the ties..."

"She's great. Staff is very friendly and professional"

"I visited this office yesterday for the first time after treating with a dentist in Powell. I loved everyone there. It was a very welcoming experience. My hygienist was so personable and the Dr was so kind and down to earth! My kind of people! I will be transferring my entire family here!!!"

"Dr Jordan is a great dentist ! Her staff are excellent too!"

"My family have been seeing Dr. Jordan for years. Kind, friendly service, and truly caring. She has been so very nice during visits. I don’t like injections of numbing medicine, she is okay with this request. I’ve had other dentists try to convince me to get it, even though I am clear that I’m not..."

"My family have been seeing Dr. Jordan for years. Kind, friendly service, and truly caring. She has been so very nice during visits. I don't like injections of numbing medicine, she is okay with this request. I've had other dentists try to convince me to get it, even though I am clear that I'm no..."

"Dr. Jordan is amazing. I have tons of experiences with different dentists and Dr. Jordan has been, by far, the best. She is so patient and understanding and doesn't push things we're not comfortable with. Best of all, she treats our children with respect. That alone is worth the extra expense wit..."

"Dr. Jordan is full on information & isn’t afraid to answer any of your questions! I felt right at home as soon as I walked in the door! Her entire staff is super friendly & very willing to help. I’ve recommended her to serval people already & I just met her two days ago!"

"Great place! Organized and friendly. The hygienist Ashley was fantastic. Gentle with the torture tools and a clear communicator. Got great tips about how dental health affects overall wellness. Earned repeat business going forward!"

"Awesome staff and Dr Rebecca the best,kind,gentle and knows her stuff."

"What an awesome place! There is no words to express that would do these wonderful people justice. Kind and Caring. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. They make you feel like your a family. Dr. Jordan is an amazing woman and denist. She loves her job and the people she meets th..."

"Awesome staff and place to get all teeth related work done,highly recommend this Dr.,also does laser work for babies that are tongued tied."

"Wonderful experience! I had an Lactation consultant tell me daughter didn’t have a tie, but I chose to get a second opinion. She had both a tongue and lip tie. Dr.Jordan took time to listen to all of our issues, answered all our questions, and kept my baby as comfortable as possible during the pr..."

"Words will never begin to express my thankfulness to everyone at this office. We were greeted by the sweetest receptionist offering us donuts and smiles! We brought our 4 month old for a lip/tongue tie procedure and were treated like family! This office has a true passion for caring for their pat..."

"Dr. Jordan and staff are AMAZING!! They treat all their patients like family. We went to Dr. Jordan for our daughter’s tongue tie. Dr. Jordan is passionate and extremely educated on the topic of tongue ties in infants and adults. We strongly recommend everyone take their babies to see Dr. Jordan..."

"I had my daughter's tongue tie revised here. Dr. Jordan got us in quickly. She was kind, patient, and professional. Very happy!"

"The best by far! Traveled 3.5 hours one way to have a lip and tongue tie procedure done on my 1 month old. She did a fantastic job, I loved the atmosphere of her office, even the receptionist knew my sons name as soon as we walked in, that's great service if you ask me. I couldn't have asked for ..."

"After seeing my 3 month old diagnosed with acid reflux and seeing that he still needed to eat every 2 hours and with every time him hurting my nipples, I decided to call Rebecca Jordan Family Dentist to see if she could help. My pediatrician and Lactation consultant told me he was not tied or it ..."

"This was the best and most informative visit I have ever had with any provider. Our son had lip and tongue tie and she made us fully aware of the situation and how we could remedy. Since this day our son had no issues breast feeding and is now a happy healthy 19 month old!"

"Dr. Jordan and the staff were very friendly and the office is warm and welcoming! My 5 month old got his tongue/lip ties revised yesterday and I will recommend this office to anyone looking for a provider who specializes in ties. Thank you for saving our breastfeeding relationship!"

"I took my 6-week old baby to have her tongue tie released and was very happy with the friendly staff and the procedure. We had a long drive and they didn't mind that I came in with a hungry screaming baby. They let me nurse her before and after. I felt I was informed about what was happening thro..."

"Everyone at Dr. Jordan's office was so welcoming and kind ! I Had to take my 3 week old baby to get a tongue and lip tie procedure and I was a mess about it, Dr. Jordan made me feel completely comfortable about what would be done and was so encouraging about my struggles I had been having nursing..."

"They are awesome with children!! Highly recommend!"

"Our sweet little girl had to have her lip and tongue released and Dr. Jordan was super kind and gentle with her plus she has an amazing private office to let moms breastfeed their little ones after the procedure, highly recommended this office!"

"My brother has been complaining about cavities due to receding gums. I informed him that was totally unnecessary and time to change dentists. I have receding gums, but no cavities. Thanks Dr. Jordan"

"Very friendly staff. I called on Monday and they got us in that wednesday!!! My son had both top and bottom tongue tie. Rebecca and her staff were very caring and I loved that she shared personal experiences with us...being a first time mom this was very reassuring and helpful! Loved the treatmen..."

"Very thankful for Dr. Jordan and her staff. They provide excellent care in a comfortable atmosphere."

"After years of frustration and not fully trusting previous dentist I went to Rebecca . She is phenomenal providing sound advice and not performing work but doesn't really need done . I give her my highest recommendation !"

"Dr. Jordan is the best. I brought my youngest daughter here for the lip and tongue tie revision procedure. Dr. Jordan examined her and answered any questions i had. Normally i'm a very emotionally mother when my children cry but they made me feel so comfortable that i knew she was in good hands...."

"So lucky to have Dr. Jordan's office so close to home! Who doesn't like to feel at home when they're at the dentist? My 5yr old even makes herself at home and never complains about going. Our family loves Dr. Jordan and truly appreciate her knowledge, personable nature, compassion, and honesty ov..."

"Knowledgeable, skilled, and passionable about tongue and lip tie issues. Very personable and warm which put first time momma and protective daddy of a one month old at ease. We didn't get the vibe that the doctor and the staff was trying at all to rush us along as some medical offices seem to do,..."

"Dr. Jordan is amazing! I brought my 15 day old son into her for his lip and tongue-tie and she was wonderful to us. I was so nervous but she did an amazing job explaining everything to me which helped so much. The procedure took only a few minutes then she brought us back to her office so I could..."

"Very cordial and empathetic for surgical procedure on our newborn. Highly impressed!"

"Dr. Jordan and her staff were outstanding. I found Dr. Jordan through Mount Carmel East's Lactation Specialist. The specialist found that my newborn son was lip tied. We had great difficulty with feedings. I was very reluctant to get his lip tie taken care of but my heart knew it had to be do..."

"I can't gush enough about what a great experience we had today. First of all the entire staff was amazing. We met Dr. Jordan and she was everything I could ever hope for. She was so warm and so friendly, very reassuring and knowledgable. I am 9 months pregnant with my 3rd baby and I just found ou..."

"Dr. Jordan and her staff were incredibly helpful today. We brought our 4 week old in to have lip/tongue tie consultation. They made us feel so comfortable with all of the information they provided and the questions we asked. It was wonderful dealing with a doctor who had the expertise of a doc..."

"I was referred to Dr. Jordan by two different people to have my son's lip and tongue tie revised. My husband and I were nervous about it, but once we met Dr. Jordan we felt very comfortable with the whole situation! I'd have to say it was one of the best, if not THE best experience I've had at a ..."

"Excellent Staff ! Friendly and Experience and Helpful !! Highly Recommend !"

"I had my son's lip and tongue tie revised yesterday. We live over an hour and a half away but was referred to Dr. Jordan by a lactation consultant. I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. Dr. Jordan and staff were so kind and took the time to explain everything before the revision too..."

"Dr. Jordan is knowledgeable, kind, and thorough. She performed a frenectomy on my newborn. Before the procedure, she carefully described her method an what to expect, putting me at ease. She ensured my son was comfortable and secure. After the procedure, she provides extensive follow-up, even..."

"I can't tell you how amazing it is to not dread going to the dentist. Everyone in the office goes out of their way to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Halfway through my last cleaning I realized that my hands were NOT balled into fists and I was very relaxed. This is the way it shoul..."

"Dr. Jordan and her staff were wonderful diagnosing and treating (revising) my 8 month olds tongue and lip ties (which other medical professionals overlooked). The best part is that she texts you to check in for multiple days after the revision. What more could you ask for?!"

"My husband and I traveled from WV to bring our 10 week old daughter to see Dr. Jordan for revision of her tongue and lip tie. When we got lost on the way to the office, I called and Dr. Jordan and her staff were nice enough to rearrange the patient schedule so we could still be seen that day. D..."

"Dr Jordan took over when Dr Hannah retired and has very much maintained the great service and quality work I was accustomed to. The DH's and staff are friendly and thorough and make it fun to go to the dentist. Highly recommend!"

"Dr. Jordan did such an amazing job on my 15 month old son's tongue and lip tie revision. Dr. Jordan calmly performed the revision and reassured my wife during the entire procedure. After, Dr. Jordan gave us her personal number, texted us to see how my son was doing, and thanked us for being so ..."

"I cannot say enough about our positive experience with Dr. Jordan's and her staff. We called on a Monday and were able to get right in to have our newborns lip and tongue tie evaluated. It had been a long first few day. The staff was extremely helpful with dealing with our insurance and very welc..."

"I was a nervous wreck embracing the fact that my daughter needed revision for her lip and tongue ties. We walked into Dr.Jordan's office and were immediately greeted by Dr.Jordan and Janet. She gave us her background training and experience. She understood my anxiety not just from her professiona..."

"Dr. Jordan is a dentist who truly cares about her patients, and about providing quality dental care. Both are key factors for any patient looking for a great dentist, and her staff is excellent to work with!"

"I highly recommend Dr. Jordan and her staff to anyone looking for a top-rated dentist to take care of your family dental needs. Dr. Jordan is cutting edge using the latest techniques and equipment. Professional, friendly staff and atmosphere that always makes our visit a great experience!"

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