Tongue and Lip Tie Revisions

Tongue and Lip Tie Revisions

A tethered oral tissue or tongue-tie is an oral condition where the tongue is tethered to the floor of the mouth by a membrane of extra tissues. This restricts the full movement of the tongue, making it difficult to chew food, pronounce words properly, and maintain optimum oral hygiene. A lip tie is similar to a tongue tie. In this case, the lower lip would be attached through a membrane, which hinders its free movement.

How can tongue and lip tie cause trouble during breastfeeding?

  • In infants, these conditions can lead to poor breastfeeding. They wouldn’t be able to latch on to the nipple adequately, making it quite uncomfortable for the infant.

  • Poor feeding can lead to insufficient weight gain in babies.

  • Babies may experience sleep apnea, snoring, and other breathing issues.

  • Breastfeeding mothers may experience severe pain and discomfort near the nipple when the baby tries to latch on to the nipple.

  • It may also result in a diminished supply of milk to the baby.

  • After a few days of breastfeeding, the nipples may become inflamed, bruised, and could also lead to bleeding and improper breast drainage.

How can these conditions be treated?

Treating a tongue or lip tie is quite simple and safe. The procedure is called Frenulectomy and is performed by a well-trained and experienced dentist, such as Dr. Jordan, in a dental practice. Initially, the dentist will carefully diagnose the condition and determine the candidacy for the treatment. We will also discuss with you the symptoms and post-treatment care you need to be aware of.

The procedure itself lasts approximately two minutes, as the excess tissues are removed using a dental laser. Based on the age and cooperation level of the patient, we may or may not recommend dental sedation. After the treatment, parents are required to perform mild stretches near the treatment site to observe the best outcome and reduce the risk of reattachment.

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