SMART Removal

SMART Removal

SMART is an advanced method of removing amalgam fillings from the teeth. It stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique. Developed by IAOMT, this technique reduces the patient’s exposure to harmful mercury when amalgam fillings are removed from cavities to be replaced by tooth-colored fillings.

What are the drawbacks of amalgam fillings?

  • Since amalgam fillings are mainly made from mercury, they could cause toxic reactions to the tissues of the mouth. If they reach the central root canal cavity, they could infect the dental pulp, leading to complicated conditions.
  • Amalgam fillings are metallic. Their rate of expansion and contraction is different from the tissues of the teeth, due to which the tooth could crack when you consume hot or cold foods.
  • Amalgam fillings leave quite a displeasing appearance on your smile, as opposed to tooth-colored fillings. If they are applied to the frontal teeth, they would easily be visible when you talk, laugh, or smile.
  • Dental mercury and its vapor are associated with several health risks, especially in children, aged individuals, and pregnant women.

How are amalgam fillings removed with SMART?

During the initial examination, we will comprehensively diagnose your mouth and check the effect of amalgam fillings on your teeth. You will be asked to rinse with activated charcoal, as it makes the procedure easier and more effective. You will be given protective equipment, such as goggles, hair covering, face barrier, etc. A rubber dam will be placed on the teeth to isolate the teeth with the amalgam fillings.

We use an aerosol vacuum for the procedure. Next, the fillings will carefully be removed by the chunking technique, during which a constant supply of water through a jet and high-speed suction will be used to remove the debris. Once the visible amalgam is removed, the residue amalgam will be removed from the dentin tubules using a laser. After this procedure is completed, you will be asked to rinse your mouth thoroughly.


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