ALF Appliance Therapy

ALF Appliance Therapy

ALF or advanced Lightwire Functionals is an orthodontic treatment method that doesn’t involve the use of dental braces or other aligners. ALF is a non-conventional method that utilizes the principles of cranial osteopathy to advance the mandible and promote muscle functionality. Often considered as a comprehensive treatment approach, it uses a whole-body-and-mind advancement to achieve the desired results.

How does the ALF function?

The basic principle of ALF is applying a light force on the bones, muscles, and teeth to make changes to their alignment as required. It impacts the cranial sutures to promote appropriate growth of the underlying jawbone and also stabilizes the surrounding muscles. Patients who are worried about their orthodontic appliances ruining their smile by being too visible can benefit from ALF. It is cosmetically invisible as the appliance gently wraps around the teeth from behind, making it completely hidden when you talk or smile.

Is ALF suitable for everyone?

Since ALF mainly targets the growth of the bone and muscles connected to the teeth, it would produce awe-inspiring results in children (as their bone and muscle growth is more prominent). If you observe potential risks in your child’s bite, such as lack of optimum growth, mouth breathing, untimely falling off of teeth, snoring, difficulty in biting or chewing food, do reach out to us, and we can discuss how your child can benefit from ALF.

Adults can also benefit from ALF, as it comprehensively affects the overall health of an individual. It is often utilized in the treatment of imperfect facial symmetry, palatal contraction, congestion of the airways, severe misalignment of the teeth, TMJ disorder, poor posture, and issues with the jawbone alignment.

Why choose ALF when we have dental braces?

Building a well-designed and stable house would require a solid foundation. The same applies to the teeth and their alignment. Before patients address the misalignment of teeth, they have to look into the condition and stability of the body as well. ALF corrects the overall issues with the body that affect the alignment of the teeth, such as the posture, jawbone shape, cranial growth, obstructions for the ideal alignment of the teeth in the jawbone, etc.

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