How Long Can You Delay Tooth Extraction?

How Long Can You Delay Tooth Extraction?

Posted by Rebecca Jordan on Apr 6 2022, 10:52 PM

It causes some panic when you visit the dentist for your tooth extraction. It causes anxiety in many patients, so they postpone their tooth extraction surgery. It is quite difficult to determine how bad the tooth is. 

There may be little or no pain even after the teeth have broken off or developed an abscess. Significant damage surely happens below the surface of the tooth though it may not be bothering you. 

The following causes could help you understand that it is better to schedule the extraction sooner rather than delay it: 

  • Tooth Decay

The mouth becomes vulnerable to bacteria and infections when any of your teeth start decaying. An individual is at risk for an abscess when their blood vessels or nerves become infected. 

An abscess can cause symptoms such as sensitivity and pain when coming in contact with extreme temperatures. It can also lead to facial swelling or difficulties in breathing or swallowing. 

The uncomfortable and persistent pain remains until the tooth is removed. The infection can even spread to other parts of the body. It can deteriorate your oral health and lead to other severe problems. 

The infection can advance and neutralize the local anesthetic if you delay the treatment, making the entire process of extraction painful. It is therefore important to remove the infected tooth as soon as possible.

  • Damaged or Cracked Tooth

An endodontist can know whether a cracked tooth can be saved or not. A damaged tooth paves way for bacteria and infection to live in the mouth. A chipped tooth can cause discomfort while eating, or drinking. They may even injure your gums, lips, or the inside of your mouth. 

It is better to extract the tooth as soon as possible to prevent the onset of other symptoms. One needs to be extremely careful as teeth, gums, and mouth are connected to other vital organs. 

The tooth needs to be extracted if periodontal diseases have destroyed the bone around them. Waiting too long can result in extensive bone loss. The infection could spread affecting your overall health. 

It is always wise to seek treatment as soon as possible. Immediate treatment helps to prevent unnecessary discomfort and more expensive procedures. It also helps prevent damage to adjacent teeth and bones. 

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