ALF Appliance Therapy for Children

ALF Appliance Therapy for Children

Posted by Rebecca Jordan on Jan 28 2022, 06:55 AM

Many people consider orthodontics only if they want to straighten their teeth. They are often unaware that orthodontics can fix several other dental issues - it can be used to realign teeth, correct problems with the jaw, correct the bite, and even more. 

Among the various orthodontic options, an ALF appliance helps address the underlying causes of crooked teeth. 

ALF Appliance

ALF or the Advanced Lightwire Functionals is an orthodontic device that operates using the principles of cranial osteopathy. The custom-made, removable ALF appliance works by repositioning the jaw, dental arches, and teeth using wires to exert continuous light forces to the skull bones and teeth. 


  • Helps correct existing cranial strains.
  • Removable when needed.
  • Supports the development of the dental arches by expanding them where required.
  • Helps in the repositioning of the lower jaw relative to the upper jaw.
  • Helps to establish the correct height of occlusion/bite.
  • Focuses on healthy facial structure development.
  • Stable, long-lasting results.
  • ALF is barely visible from the outside when worn.
  • ALF is more comfortable than traditional braces.

Who Can Benefit From ALF?

ALF can benefit anyone who has crowding or airway issues. It is better to start the treatment at the early stage of mixed dentition.

Why Start Treatment At A Young Age?

It is better to start ALF therapy at a young age as children get the maximum benefit from the treatment while still growing for the following reasons.

A child with the early signs of crowded teeth is likely to have poor facial development as well. ALF therapy helps prevent this.

The upper jawbone observes the growth pattern of the brain. By age four, a child's facial skeleton reaches 60% of its adult size and 90% by the age of 12. 

How Does ALF Work? ​

The ALF appliance consists of a light, flexible wire that improves the Cranio-Sacral-Rhythm. It works like a craniosacral adjustment and stimulates the jaw to develop to accommodate all its original teeth properly. Thereby, it releases any sutures stuck between the bones and permits the realignment using the body's innate wisdom. 

The ALF device snaps near the molars and fits alongside the interior surface of the teeth. When the patient swallows, the device moves and works in accordance with the skull's natural movement. It addresses alignment of the bones by following the principles of cranial osteopathy and brings changes in muscle function to have stable results.

Do you wish to know more about ALF therapy? Call Rebecca Jordan Family Dentistry at (740) 369-4550.

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